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Hanging Weight

Our relationship to animals is so similar to our relationships to each other. Some we accept without question, some we other and refuse to see, some we hate. Can those cast away from “appropriate” society be brought into the light? These thoughts feed into the Hanging Weight Series. This series explores the effect of gravity on bodily forms made from the leavings of meat processing.

Some bodies in space are beautiful, while others are grotesque. These are, by and large, arbitrary classifications; they are completely subjective like so many truths. Some bodies we put on display and others we hide away and try not to think about. How do the forms of acrobats relate to the chickens hanging on hooks in factories? Many would find such a thought horrific, but I see striking similarities in form. The beautiful and the hidden… and what of the refuse of the processing, the castoffs of the hidden: entrails, feet, beaks, etc. Can they be the forms on display? Can they be the beautiful bodies hanging in space?

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